Back in the Saddle Again

I have not posted a blog since November of last year!

It was about that time I got distracted from my blog and eventually became rather depressed, though still excited about my continuing weight loss, which now includes an improvement in physical fitness as well.

I am going to make an intentional effort to change that lack of blogging beginning now, but creating something more substantial tomorrow.  I want to create something in a longer format than would generally happen on Facebook posts that is also likely going to be more personal and better researched.

There are only a few people who are signed up to receive notice I have created a new blog; but I am going to post the link to this on Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to get an answer to what some of you all would like to hear from me.

I should say, though, that our national healthcare policy (or lack thereof, too often) is a primary issue for me.

The continued decline and apparent eventual disappearance of the middle class should things continue as they have been is another thing that makes my heart race.

This week I need to add the possibility of multiple pipelines running though the Commonwealth of Kentucky carrying toxic, potentially explosive materials as a concern.

Next week a fairness ordinance will receive a vote in Frankfort Kentucky.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is up for a "fast track" vote via the Obama Administration.

Al Jazeera America is on the air; and I have watched it more than any other news the last two days.

Then there are personal things like what is going on in my own life and the lives of my family members and friends, though I generally share those little ditties on Facebook in more limited ways.

So if you read through this to the end, post a note to me on the blog or a private Facebook message telling me what you think would be a good use of my blog, please.

In the meantime, please keep at the work of creating positive progressive change whenever you can.