What is faith in the midst of change?

We are in the midst of emotional/financial/spiritual turmoil because of our realization that we must move toward or to Louisvillle by the end of June. Why?

  1. We have not found a place to live.
  2. We have no current funds for the move, the deposit, or the first month's rent.
  3. We also need to purchase our regular quarterly medications, which will cost over $1,000, during the time period of this other major change in our lives.

So what is faith in the midst of all of these changes?
  • Is it doing nothing but pray in the hopes that God will somehow act supernaturally to "save the day" for us?
  • Is it asking friends and family for their prayers, in hopes that more people praying will evoke a better response from God?
  • Is it apartment hunting with the hopes that the money might come by the time it is needed?
  • Is it asking for the help of others, churches, even the government?
  • Is it a mixture of the above?
  • Is it something else?

I am praying, planning (within the scope of little scientific basis for those plans), asking, and waiting. Faith, it is said, is the substance of that for which we hope. When we realize it we have it; and it isn't based on faith, but "reality." When we hope for it, pray for it, work for it, ask for it, even beg for it, we do so in faith HOPING for a good resolution, even if it isn't exactly the solution we sought.

Faith isn't the absence of doubt, or the absence of fear, or any of the other types of things folk would tend to call it. Faith is simply going on into the unknown with the knowledge that, in the end, the same God who loved us before we were born will protect us when we are old. Faith is acting as though the thing for which we hope is a "done deal," that we know somehow what we need will be given to us.

So we don't know how it will all end; but we know we're in the hands of God.


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mE$c@liTo said...

yep. Faith is a weird thing huh?