Renewed effort

I spend an enormous amount of time each day reading and watching news stories, many of them related to the political arena. I do a lot of this through Facebook and some through Twitter; but it is the relationships I have made through both of those plus email that has influenced me quite a bit.

When I started this blog, though, there was no Facebook; and most of my "rants" were simply emails sent to the majority of those in my email address book.

When I got on Facebook, I gradually (well almost suddenly) abandoned this blog. Recently my son has said, "Dad, if you're going to spend that much time on the computer, you should be writing your own blog." He also said he believed I was a good writer, which never hurts feelings. Two or more weeks since he last said that I have decided to take him up on it.

This is a preamble to my desire to start posting my thoughts regularly again. Those thoughts may not be as well done as some of my friends; but they will still be my thoughts and feelings about what my life, our lives together, and the political world of the United States of America and that relationship to the "real" world of all the nations.