Consider the Source. Then use your intellect.

I read a story this morning insinuating that the people at Web MD had written biased stories about the Affordable Care Act (which they call Obamacare, of course) and that the administration had paid them for their positive remarks about the ACA. (The source was a right wing site that will remain anonymous so as not to drive any traffic there.)

There was nothing to substantiate their suggestion that this site, which I used for continuing education credit when I last worked as a Medical Technologist and which is a reputable medical site in all ways, was doing anything other than reporting when they said positive things about the ACA.  Nevertheless, as right wing rags are wont to do, they bashed Web MD and its public portal, Medscape, for writing anything positive because it is being used to help with the ACA and being paid for that usage. 
Again, this is the same site that three different employers of mine:  a national laboratory chain, an acute care hospital, and a long-term care hospital, utilized, at least in part, for our continuing education credits. 

The story simply insinuates something ulterior was going on and ran with that.  No proof of anything, just that suggestion.  Web MD has published both positive and negative articles about the Affordable Care Act; but that they would say anything positive, of course, is suspect because that would help make the law work better; and not one right wing person wants it to work at all.

 I wonder.  I really wonder what shape the Affordable Care Act would have today if Republicans had tried to make it work (after all, it was designed by a Republican think tank and used in Massachusetts by then Governor and future Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney for their healthcare system) rather than trying to make it fail, and worked to improve it for the bulk of the people, rather than trying to keep it from working at all.  What would the United States be like today had Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell not said on day one of Obama's first term that his primary goal was to make Barack Obama a one-term President that continues in their attempts to destroy the positive effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act?

I can't say that everything the Republicans have done was completely obstructionist in relationship to "Obamacare."  I can say, though, that the only thing I have seen from them from the beginning was faux outrage for purely political purposes.

I know there are problems with the government portal for the Affordable Care Act.  I know they should have picked a different vendor for that purpose.  I even know that some folk (but far far fewer than you would believe) are losing their insurance because of the ACA.  Most of them are losing nothing because they really didn't have any health insurance; and many of them could actually be saving money in Kentucky with actual health insurance.  That would be true in all 50 states if the Republicans in those states hadn't stopped the state-level system from operating.

I know that most of you who would bother to read this blog realize that the main reason Republicans are fighting this law, besides the obvious political implications in the short run, is that within two years of full implementation the vast majority of Americans will almost certainly finally realize that the Republican Party opposes their best interests, at least in this area.  That they would still vote for such a political party is questionable; and that is downright frightening to Republican politicians.  That they would not win another national election for years is almost certain if they cannot stop full implementation of the law.

So, instead of driving traffic to that other site which remains anonymous in the post, I hope to drive what little bit of traffic actually reads this blog to a highly reputable and excellent site for healthcare information which now includes information about the Affordable Care Act.