In search of a home

I have become even more aware in recent days of our need to find affordable housing in the very near future. I pre-paid our rent at our current location through the end of June, 2005. The rent is more than I can afford on my current salary, even if all of our debt were eliminated. I would prefer to purchase a home; but our financial situation makes that unlikely, unless I can find someone who is willing to do a "rent-to-buy" home sale with very little money down. In any case I am realizing we'll have to move again this summer. That isn't the most comforting thing in the world. Before we move we'll need to:
1. Find a place to move.
2. Sell hundreds of items at yard sales and/or give them away to needy folk.
3. Pack what isn't sold.
3. Rent a vehicle to make the move.
4. Recruit folk to help move our possessions, especially the heavy furniture.
5. Reestablish some consistency for my wife, Gay, so she won't stumble around in the new lodging location.
6. Complete moving in by hanging photos, mirrors, etc., which I have avoided here knowing it was a temporary home.

Funny, though, that each of us consistently lives in a temporary home. In my first parish there was a woman in her late 80s who had lived in her current home since she was born. She and her husband had been there for 60 years or so; but she had lived there with her parents as well. Nevertheless, that home was only temporary for her. She eventually left that home for a relativism home, a nursing home, or a heavenly home.

During our 40 years of marriage (as of March 13, 2005), Gay and I have lived in the following places in Kentucky:
Two different apartments in Ashland
A mobile home in Westwood,
A mobile home in Summit
A mobile home in Georgetown
A mobile home in Lexington
A mobile home in Georgetown
A house in Georgetown
A parsonage in Raceland, South Shore, Ludlow, Burkesville, Fairdale, and Dixie.
We have also lived with Gay's brother in Michigan and moved our mobile home there.
We lived in two apartments in Brazil, Indiana.
We lived in a townhouse in Springfield, Illinois.
Prior to our return to Kentucky we lived in Miamitown, Brookville, and Westville (not to be confused with Westerville), Ohio.

It has been awhile since I counted all of them; but I imagine we're looking at approximately 20 moves in 40 years of marriage, perhaps more! That we could have survived that many different locations, houses, apartments, and states is amazing in itself; but that we have thrived in our relationship in spite of all of that is even more amazing. I am blessed with a very loving wife, son, daughter-in-law, and siblings. Our granddaughter is growing and thriving as well.

So we are searching for another place of temporary lodging. It may be a house we "own." It may be a place we rent. It might be a shack by the railroad track. Whatever it is, though, we shall still be in relationship with one another and with God. We'll have God's ultimate protection. We'll know love in all of it.

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