Continuing Employment

Last night, well actually this morning, the manager of the hematology department in the laboratory called me into her office for a 90-day evaluation. Yes! I have now been working as a Medical Technologist for 90 days. (Of course those 90 days don't include thirteen years of working as a laboratory technician, then Medical Technologist in "another" life, when I was in my teens, twenties, and thirties.

Without getting into the official information about the evaluation let me say I am being "kept" past my probationary time. In another words I am now a regular, fulltime, "permanent" employee. I need to increase my speed, but not at the expense of accuracy, according to that manager; and the person who has done most of my training will continue to train me. We'll be working from 1 AM through 9:30 AM so she will have a little extra time to continue to train me after the bulk of the work is completed.

She also noted that I hadn't missed any work, even during a couple of snow storms when folk who lived only a few miles away didn't go to work; and that I had a good work ethic overall. I already knew that, of course; but it was good to hear it coming from someone else's mouth!

I am very late getting to bed today. I worked on pharmaceutical order checking, then on ordering some vitamins and minerals we take regularly. I also read some e-mail; and I decided it was time to revisit my blog since at least two people seem to be reading it occasionally.

My wife, Gay, had some possibly cancerous skin tissue excised yesterday. The doctor doesn't really believe it is cancer; but, since it is parallel to the last spot where Gay had skin cancer she thought it was best to remove it and have it checked out. We'll know about this in a week or so.

I am starting to wonder if I might have a mild case of pneumonia. I have been coughing for nearly four months now; and suddenly I'm having lower right quadrant back pain when I cough. I'll likely stop at the doctor's office tomorrow for a probably x-ray. (The fact that my younger sister, who never smoked, had lung cancer a few years ago gives me a good enough reason to check this out even if I were not in pain.)

We are still wondering where we'll be living this summer; but buying a home sounds highly unlikely. We'll probably be forced into a small house, perhaps a little closer to Louisville, but not far from Frankfort. Even the next exit (Graefenburg, Kentucky) should have lower rental values than where we currently live, would be closer to Louisville where I work, and still give us rapid access to the things we do in Frankfort, like visiting our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, going to see doctors, and possibly for a hospital visit.


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