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I haven't blogged anything for some time; but I thought I should check back in to myself since it appears no one else is reading this.

My work at LabCorp in Louisville is getting more interesting as a regain experience in a field I had mostly abandoned for 25 years or so. The hours (12:30 AM through 9:00 AM) aren't the best in the world, nor is the one-hour drive I make each direction to get there. The income is good, though; and the benefits are better than most places, so I'm staying until I'm really, really, really old!

Speaking of old, I completed my 60th year on earth on December 27th of 2004. The advent of the computer happened during my lifetime as have five major and some minor wars by the USA, including the big one: WW II. Personal computers, the internet, Personal Digital Assistants, and the truly mobile cellular phone weren't even at the "dream state" for most people in 1944.

I am amazed about how good I still feel at 60! I don't know what I expected; but I am just as active and interested at 60 as I was at 50. I don't have quite the recovery speed at 60 I had at 40; but I enjoy life just as much; and I am just as interested in the future as I was at 20! Life is a gift of God that is to be celebrated. Someone has said that is why we call the gift of life the "Present." My present life could be improved by more income and less debt; and my wife Gay's health could certainly improve. Overall, though, life is good; and God's gift is still being perfected in us.

I have no great gains of wisdom to share; but I have made it to sixty. I am finding my life after ordained ministry interesting, though I also find my church life to be much more void than I expected due to the irregular schedule I keep at LabCorp.

I am still married to the love of my life after nearly forty years. I still have good health. I am working at an interesting job. God has not and will not abandon me.



DLW said...

praise God.

hope you can come and visit me again over at the Anti-Manicheist.


DLW said...

i replied over at my blog.

I also just finished writing another letter to the Prism E-pistle. Its a little repetitive, but hopefully people will actually read and respond to it...