The Election

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It's three days since the election; and I'm starting to feel a little better about the election because I know we're stuck for four years anyway; and it isn't a good thing to live in a state of despair.

I actually admire the President's openness in what I believe is his real life of faith. It certainly wouldn't hurt him to receive some theological education since he is so adamant about that faith, though. I am very concerned about his "end times" theological tendencies and the possibility he may see Iraq as a way to end all the problems by ending the world. I am hoping I'm just overreacting with that kind of thought; but it does bear some thinking.

Perhaps we liberals are wrong. "The poor will be with you always," Jesus said. Are we too concerned about the plight of the poor as progressive Christians? I don't think so. It seems to me that Jesus, and in fact the whole of scripture, shows our attitudes toward the poor as being one of the most important decisions in life. "Where were you when I was thirsty and hungry....?" "Lord, when did we see you thirsty or hungry....?" Then there's the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. It appears this story has Lazarus in heaven (bosom of Abraham) and the rich man in Hell. But the only observed sin on the part of the rich man was ignoring the poor man Lazarus at his gate.

Some of my family members believe the Christian faith is just to be a personal faith, not a faith that tries to solve problems like hunger and poverty through legislation, but a faith where we MUST solve such problems directly through the actions of the church. There are some appealing things about such thought, until we remember how the poor lived before the government got involved.

Also, I am convinced Jesus's teaching is all about a faith made known in community, not just something between me and God, but something beyond that as well as that. We are not saved alone. We do not face trials alone. We work together to "make the works of him who sent (Jesus, that is God.) known." We do that through our help of the poor and actions trying to change society so that is more nearly resembles the heavenly kingdom.

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