Lost two blogs already

Somehow I managed to delete two blogs. One was about personal things happening in our lives right now. The other one was a message of hope about how Bush will do in his second term. I also called for some changes related to Biblical truth in that message.

With the exception of the two lost blog posts I made, this has been a very good day. I've heard from old friends, been sent some very funny e-mails, had a good dinner with my love of 40 years, and got to see my granddaughter and her mother.

Speaking of that granddaughter, all of a sudden she's just talking up a storm. She is trying to imitate almost any word you say. She has learned to identify yellow, blue, red, and maybe green and say the word, though not clearly. She clearly said "rice" more than once during dinner while we were watching her eat a rice casserole Jimmy (her daddy) had made. Gay and I, of course, think she got her smarts from us; but then her Grandmother Ayres is a retired teacher and grandfather ayres is a retired forensics scientist, so there is at least a chance some of the genese came from the Ayrs family.

One thing that cannot be denied, though, is that she's related to me and to Jimmy. She has a dimple in her chin just like we do. Fortunately she's still thin enough for the dimple to clearly show. What a cutey

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