A Long Day's Night and General Complaints

I slept nearly 15 hours last night. I knew I was tired; but I didn't realize how sleep deprived I had become. Gay and I accomplished very little today; but I feel rested. I managed to respond to several e-mails; and I read a lot of online news stories.

The most interesting story was on the MSNBC site; but I believe it came from Newsweek. It talked about Kerry's failure to respond to the "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth" because his political "handlers" didn't want him to do so. Here he was mad as a hornet; but he wasn't saying anything. John Edwards was just as angry; but he said nothing. Then, by the time they finally DID say something, the story had been around so long it actually seemed to have some truth to it to a lot of people.

I am very concerned about the state of affairs in politics in our country. I am even more concerned about how concentrated the media have become: owned by only a few media empires; and reporting what sells rather than what needs to be told. Add to that the fact that you need megamillions to even consider running for any national office; and you can see that we are being controlled, at least to some degree, by large corporations. One of my cousins claims I am anti-business; but she is wrong. I like the local Wal-Mart store. I enjoy the folk who work at Applebees here in Frankfort. I am appreciative that my Cingular phone will work almost anywhere; and that the rates are lower for "from anywhere to anywhere 450 minutes for $39.99, which is less than I used to pay per minute for a long distance call from my phone at home.

Interestingly, I had written several other paragraphs related to my concerns about the election, John Kerry, President Bush, and several other things; but I managed to lose them while trying to temporarily save the original. That is very intersting in itself.

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