Learning to post to a blog

I actually created this blog about a week ago; but I only did that so I could respond to the blog of a friend. Now that I have it created, though, I thought it would be good to actually have some form of weblog going. My first trial failed because I actually posted a response to myself before I had written anything.

It is no secret the first-time election of incumbent President George W. Bush is on my mind and causing me much distress. I fear not only that his current "anti-terrorist" agenda will cause immeasurable bloodshed of the people of Iraq and the allied military, but also create a response from moderate Arabs toward our government that will be severe.

One of my major problems with President Bush is that he is always so sure he's right; and that CAN be a good quality; but when you are wrong, as he often is, it is a very bad quality. In fact it can become an evil quality, even when it comes from someone whose actual intention is to do good, or to follow what one believes to be God's will.

God's will has traditionally been known through the community of believers, not through the thoughts of a single person, no matter how sincere. Also it puzzles me that so much of what the president believes to be God's will seems very much out of character with that of Jesus, the Christ, whom the president claims to worship and whom he apparently really DOES try to worship.

So I'm here letting off steam and learning the proper procedures for continuing to blog and get the anger and frustration about the election out while also hoping that, somehow, Bush will be better in his second four years.

Until I get back.


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